Just like I was into forex trading 9 years ago, I am closely watching Cryptocurrency market from the beginning. XIOS was a crypto coin, yet it was very different from any other digital currency. And I got involved in it since the beginning of its development. Sadly, the development team went through a hard time which resulted in the death of XIOS. Doing a hard fork was be the best solution to save this coin.

How It All Started

XIOS was announced for the first time on Bitcointalk on 9 October 2017 by a developer called ButteRose. XIOS came with amazing features: innovative privacy, lightning fast, and with a block size of as little as 40 Mb. With this crypto coin, you can make large transactions with incredibly low fees. Besides, it is a Proof of Stake (PoS) which allows you to gain passive income by running a master node with the price of 1000 XIOS.

For further details, click here to read the original announcement.

The Free Fall of the XIOS Dream

During last October, ButteRose, a developer, claimed that his mother needs more care as she was having medical problems. So, he took some time off because if that. It was supposed that MasterTrader77, a friend of ButteRose, would take the lead and keep the project on and moving forward. However, people got confused and lost confidence in XIOS because of the lack of communication. It even got worse when MasterTrader77 was exposed to selling his coins in the intention of keeping the hype alive. Even more, there was a considerable problem with exchange wallets running on the improper chains which made people unable to receive or send their coins.

It was more like spam to people, especially when nobody knows the real names of the team. Things got worse and worse, and the situation got out of control. That is how XIOS came to an end.

The Rise of XUEZ

The remaining users in the XIOS Discord chat were focused on the future of this crypto coin and were questioning about the possible results if it implemented in the right way. When ButteRose left, access to any of the exchanges was lost. That’s when some moderators started to look for developers to collaborate and create a hard fork of XIOS which resulted in the creation of XUEZ project.